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Bureaucratics exhibition in Kazakhstan

On February 17, “Bureaucratics” opened in Astana, Kazachstan, in the Contemporary Art Center Kulanshi. The exhibition was organized by the Dutch embassy. The opening attracted an impressive number of visitors, the big majority of them young people. For my presentation, the next morning – with an outside temperature of minus 27 degrees Celsius – the gallery had put up some 40 seats in a small meeting room.  By the time I started, 110 attendants had shown up. I had the impression that the the idea behind the series – the slightly ironic perspective on state authorities and institutes – was not lost on these Kazakh visitors.

The exhibition in Astana ends on March 24, 2011. There are plans to then move it to Almati and show it there.

More information:

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Third Run of Bureaucratics arrived, finally

To my relief, I can finally annouce the arrival of the new (third run) copies of “Bureaucratics”. Unfortunately, and in spite of previous promises by the transporter, they came in only after I left for Kazachstan. But as soon as I’m back, sunday February 20, I’ll package them and send them off. My sincere apologies for the delay.

The price of the book is € 60 (plus transport costs).

The book shop will be online soon, in the meanwhile please use our contactform.

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