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International publications of “Down and Out in the South”

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“Down and Out” exhibition and publications in USA

Screen Shot Free Times 2013-07-11From October 26, 2013 till January 4, 2014, Down and Out in the South will be shown in the Hagedorn Foundation Gallery in Atlanta, GA.

Meanwhile, there have been US publications online that tended to invite quite some comments. To mention just a few recent ones: Slate (by David Rosenberg, up to July 11 some 150 comments) and PetaPixel (by Michael Zhang, 25 comments); earlier,around the time of the exhibition in public space in Atlanta, GA: CNN (Cody McCloy, 52 comments).
A nice article also appeared in the Free Times (Columbia, SC).

Given the fact that I hoped the work would lead to discussion about the subject of homelessness, there seems to be reason for some satisfaction.


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