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My dad died

Monday, March 5, 2012, my dad died. Frans Banning was almost 91 years old. He was born in 1921 in Makassar in the colony of the Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia. During WW II, he worked as a forced laborer for the Japanese Military on the Sumatra (also called: Pakanbaroe) Railroad: see my book and exhibition Traces of War; Survivors of the Burma and Sumatra Railways (Dutch title: Sporen van oorlog. Overlevenden van de Birma- en de Pakanbaroe-spoorweg).

An unconventional optimist, he was loved by many. In the company of some 150-200 people, we laid him to rest on Saturday, March 10, in the Dutch town of Dieren.

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“Moroccan Vermeer” in MOTI, Breda

My interpretation of Vermeer, “Moroccan girl reading an application form for an “inburgeringscursus” (citizenship course) at a closed window” will be one of the photos selected for the exhibition “Rollercoaster” in the MOTI (Museum of the Image) in Breda, the Netherlands. The exhibition starts April 29, 2012 and is curated by the Dutch writer Joost Zwagerman. Zwagerman is one of the most widely read novelists of his generation who also writes poetry and columns. His favourite subjects include visual art and pop music. As a guest curator for MOTI, he has asked 100 prominent Dutchmen to select an image, made in the 21st century,  for this exhibition.

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